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5 Key Factors for Website Design

Website design is very important for the success of a website.  Five important elements of website design follow:


The APPEARANCE of your website is VITAL. It is the face of your company online, and many times it is your first impression for a new client or customer… and it needs to be GREAT!


The design is NOT only VISUAL. It is also TECHNICAL, and the internal technical structure can affect how well your website RANKS in internet searches — with search engines like Google, Yahoo, or YouTube.


The design of your website also affects your site SPEED and RESPONSE time. In other words, how quickly your web-pages load when a user clicks on them. These speeds and response times are major ranking factors with all the search engines that are scraping and cataloging the internet.


A RESPONSIVE site is another key element of a site’s success. Not to be confused with response time, RESPONSIVE refers to the websites ability to adapt to different user platforms (i.e. tablets, PCs, smart phone, etc) and still deliver a pleasant experience for the user.


Website SECURITY is the fifth key factor for your website. Security, today, is paramount. What’s “under the hood” is critically important for the PROTECTION of the website’s DATA, and the data of your site’s visitors. A great website design will ensure the proper security is in place.